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Generic Cipro to battle against Bacterial Infections

Generic Name : Generic Cipro

Popular Brand : Cipro

Manufacturer : Cipro

Availability : Available      Validity : 11/10/2020

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Generic Cipro


Generic Cipro is a common remedy employed to steer clear of the increase of bacteria’s in the body. Generic Cipro can be categorized in fluoroquinolone type involving prescription medication. This kind of prescription medication has been discovered to be really powerful against infections. As a result, Generic Cipro is employed to help remedy a variety of microbe infections linked to skin color, bones along with joint pain; decrease respiratory tract; tummy; along with urinary system, which include cystitis (kidney infection) in ladies.

Generic Cipro is an easy solution for various bacterial infections in the body. This specific medicine is the anti-bacterial substance of course which in turn eradicates the issue bringing about bacteria’s fully Anti-biotic property of this medication is noted because of presence of its energetic component, Ciprofloxacin. Generic Cipro is often a bactericidal substance which in turn harms the bacteria’s causing infections.

Aside from, it can be given pertaining to significant sinus as well as bronchial microbe infections; microbe infections in the men’s prostate; inhalational anthrax; gonorrhea (sexually transmitted diseases) along with catching looseness of; along with typhoid nausea. Moreover, it can be used by the treatment of selected critical headsets microbe infections, TB, and some of the infections common in people with AIDS.

Generic Cipro is a generic medicine that is also available under the brand names Cipro, Cipro XR, and Proquin XR. Usually, Generic Cipro is available in a dosage of 250 mg. It is available in various forms such as tablets, capsules and oral liquids.

Advantages of Generic Cipro

  • Generic Cipro gets absorbed by the body quickly after oral administration: Since Generic Cipro gets easily absorbed by the body, it takes a little time to act on the bacterial infection. This medication provides with excellent results in a short span of time.
  • Generic Cipro arrests the development of disease-causing bacteria quickly: Generic Cipro does not allow bacteria to spread quickly.
  • Generic Cipro works effectively against a range of infections: Generic Cipro is used to treat a wide range of infections associated with skin, bones and joint problems; lower respiratory tract; abdomen; and urinary tract, including cystitis (bladder inflammation) in women.
  • Generic Cipro is a safe medication: Generic Cipro being a generic medication is a very safe and effective medication as it is approved by the FDA for the safety and effectiveness of the pill like the brand medication. Generic Cipro has the same elements and properties like the brand medicine; therefore this medication has the same effects and the same qualities like the brand medicine. Therefore this medication is widely approved by most of the physicians for treating various bacterial infections.

How does Generic Cipro work in treating infections?

Antibiotic such as Generic Cipro stops the fast growth and multiplication of bacteria. In other words, it tries to chain the spread of bacteria and does not allow the body to turn into a host ground.

Generic Cipro uses vitro activity to inhibit the bacteria multiplication. To be precise, it prevents bacterial nuclear DNA synthesis which results in the death of bacteria. For eliminating bacteria, it targets the enzyme DNA gyrase (topoisomerase II), which replicates and repairs the genetic material (DNA) of the bacteria. Once the action of the enzyme is brought to naught, the bacteria cannot reproduce or repair themselves which eventually kills the bacteria.

Suggested ways to use Generic Cipro

  • The dose of Generic Cipro depends upon the type of infection. Thus, it is very important to take this medicine as administered by the doctor.
  • Also, the entire course or dosage should be completed as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Cipro may be taken with or without food but it should be taken at the same time each day.
  • Take Generic Cipro with a full glass of water (about 8 ounces). Several extra glasses of fluid are to be taken each day while taking Generic Cipro.
  • There is no need to crush, chew or break the tablet.
  • Swallow the pill whole as it is made in such a way that medicine is released slowly in the body. If the pill is broken, too much of the drug would be released at one time.
  • Generic Cipro medication is available in dosage strength of 250mg tablets

NOTE: If a user misses a dose, he should take it at the earliest. But if it is time for the next dose, it is suggested to skip the missed dose and take the next dose as per the regular dosing schedule. Do not double the dose to make up for the lost dose. In case of an overdose, seek immediate medical help or contact local poison control center.

Precautions/safety to be taken while using Generic Cipro

  • A consultation with the doctor is recommended to the user before the intake of Generic Cipro drug
  • Before using Generic Cipro, users should talk to the doctors about their health related problems, and also about the drugs taken by them.
  • Excess intake of this drug than the recommended dosage by the doctor may cause health problems
  • Pregnant and breast feeding women should consult doctor before taking Generic Cipro
  • Avoid taking Generic Cipro with dairy products such as milk or yogurt or with calcium-fortified juice as they could make the medication less effective.
  • Complete the course of medicine

The possible side effects of Generic Cipro are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Headache
  • Rash

NOTE: The side effects given above may not cover all possible side effects. Users of this medicine may or may not experience the above listed symptoms as they depend upon the reaction of the body. In case if side effects worsen, contact the doctor or medical emergency unit.


Warnings associated with the intake of Generic Cipro

  • User should talk about their health condition(s) with the doctor before taking Generic Cipro; especially, if the user suffers from, A history of allergic reaction to an antibiotic, Kidney or liver disease
  • This medication should always be used as per the dosage strength recommended by the doctor
  • Excessive use of this medication should be avoided in order to avoid other health conditions


Generic Cipro to battle against Bacterial Infections

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