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Ladygra- Keeps your Night Exciting

Generic Name : Ladygra

Popular Brand : Viagra

Manufacturer : Viagra

Availability : Available      Validity : 11/10/2020

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Ladygra acts an as oral therapy for women suffering with sexual dysfunction. It is a prescribed medication for the treatment of women sexual dysfunction that allows them to easily arrive to climax in sexual act. Women sexual dysfunction is as sexual condition were the women’s reproductive organ is unable to get in the sexual intercourse due to poor functioning of blood supply. Thus such women are suggested with medications like Ladygra which very effective helps them in arising to climax during the sexual act. It is the generic medication which helps women re-ignites and re-introduce their sexual spark and make their sexual life an exciting one all over again.

There are various reasons why women face this sexual condition. There are a number of reasons that affect a woman’s libido. Increasing stress at work, home, economical, social, psychological pressures are some of the reasons that ignite the condition at quite an early age in women. Due to all of the above concentrating solely on sexual intercourse becomes difficult for women during the sexual act. Also, with aging, the urge to make love reduces, thus leading to lack of libido and inability to reach to the climax. So, if a woman wishes to seek for ultimate pleasure then there isn’t any better medication than Ladygra.

These pills help in solving the poor libido problem in women by letting easy blood flow into the women’s reproductive organ. Ladygra medicament comes in 100mg tablet form and has to be taken orally. This medication, for best results is available in 100mg.

Advantages of Ladygra

  • Ladygra enhances the low libido in women and restores the sex drive: The medication of Ladygra not only enables or makes the path to attaining ultimate climax an easy one, but also does phenomenal in increasing the lowered libido and above all raises the power and the energy to take an active part in the sexual intercourse. It helps a woman enjoy sexual intercourse for four to six hours. This allows women to have exciting sexual life with its partners.
  • It also speeds the arousal and reduces the time to reach towards climax- Due to sexual dysfunction, women are majority of the times unable to reach to the climax or even get aroused. So, when Ladygra is consumed, it helps such women get aroused and also reduces the time to reach to climax.
  • Ladygra is cheaper than its brand equivalent: The medication of Ladygra is available at a rational cost as compared to the branded version of this particular medicament. Thus this makes Ladygra the most affordable pill for women dysfunction in the market.

How does Ladygra work in treating sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction in women happens due to lack of blood supply in the genital area. Due to lack of blood, the time taken to reach to the climax becomes longer, thus affecting the interest of the partner to make love too along with the woman. So, due to the ever narrowing arteries in the genital area causes low libido. Therefore, when a woman consumes Ladygra the libido power increases and helps a woman in reaching towards the goal of satisfaction and makes reaching until much easier. This all gets achievable because of the presence of active key ingredient Sildenafil Citrate.

This chemical helps in improving the flow of blood into the women’s reproductive organ. This improves the functioning of the organ and makes it better for sexual intercourse. Thus with one single dosage of Ladygra women are able to enjoy better sexual life with their partner.

Suggested ways to use Ladygra

  • The most recommended dosage of Ladygra is a medication which comes in pill form in dosage strength of 100mg.
  • The pill should be taken on empty stomach or after eating a low fat meal.
  • The pill starts showing its effect within 45 minutes after consumption. Thus its effect stays for at least four to six hours on women.
  • The pill should not be broken or crushed or eve dissolved in water and consumed. It should be taken as a whole with the help of a full glass of water.
  • The consumption of alcohol, friend food stuffs and even smoking cigarettes should be avoided after consumption of this pill to let the medication work positively

NOTE: In case of an excess intake or overdose of the tablet without reporting to the doctor it is very important for the patient to pay immediate visit to the nearest poison control center or emergency room so that timely action and right treatment can be given.

Precautions/safety measures to be taken while using Ladygra

  • This medication is only intended for women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction. Therefore it is highly recommended to take a prior consultation with the doctor regarding the Pros and Cons of this medication.
  • Women who consume other nitrate induced medications should not take Ladygra. This is because; Sildenafil Citrate in it reacts with nitrates and proves a fatal combination for the user.
  • After ingestion of Ladygra it is very important to avoid jobs or activities that entail a lot of high mental attention such as flying a plane or driving a car or hiking or even a walk.
  • Elderly women are more susceptible to side effects of Ladygra. Therefore they need to consult their doctor before consuming it.
  • Ladygra medicament does not protect an individual from any kind or type of sexually transmitted disease

Possible side effects associated with the intake of Ladygra

  • Constant headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dizziness
  • Facial flushing

NOTE: In takers or users of Ladygra may or may not suffer from the above mentioned side-effects depending on the reaction of the body to the specific dosage or due to the sensitivity of the body towards that medication. In case, if all the above given the side effects deteriorate and just do not budge from reducing, but instead lead to further irritating and deteriorate the health condition, then there is a need to contact the doctor or medical emergency unit at that instance.

Warnings associated with the intake of Ladygra

  • Women should never choose to increase or decrease the dose on their own accord of this medication. Medical intervention is a must when women choose to change the dose.
  • Women suffering or having past history of heart conditions, sickle cell anemia or liver and kidney abnormality should let their doctor known before they start taking this dose.
  • Children and pets should be kept away from the medication as its consumption can have adverse effect over them.


Ladygra- Keeps your Night Exciting

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