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Fosamax Generic – Treat Osteoarthritis Problem in Women

Generic Name : Fosamax

Popular Brand : fosamax

Manufacturer : fosamax

Availability : Available      Validity : 11/10/2020

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Generic Fosamax is an oral treatment intended to deal with bone development issues. Fosamax Generic contains the active ingredient Alendronate which belongs, to a category of medicines called bisphosphonate. This medicine works by altering the bone formation as well as breakdown cycle in the body. The active ingredient lowers the bone-loss pace, while at the same time increases bone mass, which significantly reduces risk of bone fractures.

Generic Fosamax is prescribed for women as treatment and prevention of osteoporosis resulted due to menopause. It may also be prescribed to both: men as well as women, to treat osteoporosis caused due to steroid usage. In case of men with this condition, Generic Fosamax may also be suggested to augment bone mass. Doctor may possibly suggest this medicine in order to treat Paget’s disease in male and female patients.

Advantages of Fosamax

  • Generic Fosamax aids in overcoming complications associated with bone loss. Bone loss is characterized with decreasing bone density due to significant reduction in bone cells. It helps in decreasing the pace of bone loss while it promotes bone mass enhancements.
  • The medicine contains active ingredient called Alendronate, which is an FDA approved ingredient thus safe for consumption. This ingredient is helpful in maintaining bone health.
  • Generic Fosamax enhances bone mass and significantly reduces the speed of bone degeneration; thus, it improves strength of bone and reduces risk of bone fractures associated with osteoporosis.
  • The medicine is said to be effective in dealing with relevant bone issues; despite of its high efficaciousness geenric fosamax is available at cheaper cost.

How Generic Fosamax helps to reduce bone loss?

fosamax Generic primarily halts or lowers the pace of degeneration process of the bones. Alendronate does not influence the attachment and recruitment of osteoclast; however this active ingredient inhibits osteoclast activity. It is recorded that Alendronate has 10 times higher uptake rate on osteoclast than on the bone forming cell called osteoblast. The entire performance of generic fosamax gives time for formation of bone cells while the denigration process is slowed down. This is possible with suppression of activities of osteoclast – cells responsible for degeneration of bones.

Suggested ways to use Generic Fosamax

  • 10 mg is the standard dosage prescribed to patients only once a day. It is better to obtain instructions from a doctor before using the medicine.
  • It is available in different forms, with tablets being highly used. Generic fosamax tablets should be administered orally.
  • These tablets must be used with a glass of water. These tablets should not be chewed, split or crushed before consumption, unless approved by a doctor.
  • After using generic fosamax, avoid lying for at least 30 minutes.

NOTE: If you missed a dose of this medicine, take it immediately if it is not too late; however, if it is close to the next scheduled dosage, then follow normal dosage regimen. Avoid overdose of generic fosamax as it may lead to health complications, in such a case consult your doctor or seek immediate medical aid.

Precautions/safety to be taken while using Generic Fosamax

  • Women undergoing HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy should seek doctor’s approval before using fosamax generic.
  • Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided while using generic fosamax.
  • Patient should inform the doctor about any medication being used by him/her before starting with its use, as simultaneous use of this medicine with other drugs may lead to health issues.
  • If jaw-ache is experienced after consumption of the drug, it should be brought under notice of the doctor. Similarly; use of generic fosamax may sometimes lead to bone, muscles or joint ache. In such a scenario one should inform the doctor immediately.

Possible side effects associated with the intake of Generic Fosamax are:

  • Allergic reactions such as skin rash
  • Bone pain
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Pain in the jaw

NOTE: The aforementioned side-effects of generic fosamax may not be all. In case if any of the aforementioned irregularities are experienced consult your doctor immediately or call emergency medical help unit in case if complications are excruciating.

Warnings associated with the intake of Generic Fosamax

  • Patients suffering from renal or liver issues should not use this medicine.
  • People with hypocalcemia should be cured of the condition before starting generic fosamax based treatment.
  • Patients with creatinine clearance rate counting less than 35 ml/min, are not suggested to use this medicine.
  • Esophagus associated issues may aggravate due to consumption of generic fosamax, thus it should be avoided if esophageal conditions are not cured.


Fosamax Generic – Treat Osteoarthritis Problem in Women

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